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How to File GST Returns Online?

All types of tax payer must be filing the tax returns in online. It is applied for all departments of workers at every year. The GST getting new regime and automatic method is used for filling the tax returns. It is made by the way of software and apps. That name as called Good and Service Tax Network (GSTN). In this network is more popular and collecting all the tax related details in GSTR form. The general steps to be followed for filing the GST return in online way

Go to the portal name of online

Once you will access that means you can get the A-15 GST identity number. It is very important and it considers the state code and PAN number

You can upload your invoices by the way of using software and Invoices are getting your reference number also.

Next step is upload the outward, inward returns, monthly how many orders are returned to be stored with online. You can enter wrong data means there is available option to correct that.

And then you can file the supply returns information in GSTR- 1 form. The supply return information must be GSTN on or before 10th of following year of month

Outward supplies will be done by the supplier means to the information will be made to the recipient at GSTR-2A form

You can store all details in that form means the recipient verify the all matters you have entered and file that in credit or debit notes.

And find the taxable good and service in exact manner and furnish with in GSTG-2 form

If the sales return goods acceptance and supplier rejection details are made in GSTR-1A by the recipient.

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