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Registering in GST

Registering with GST to the two simple process consisting of PART A and PART B of registration application.

This introduces to registration PART A of the registration applications:


To begin access to the GST website:


  •        From the home page open the service main view
  •        Click the Registration category
  •        Select new Registration option
  •        Note that the fill red color dot monitoring filling.
  •        Select new registration in providing basic information including the Permanent Account Number (PAN).
  •        Make sure to enter a valid email address and enter a Mobile Number.
  •        Since the GST portal will communicate One Time Password (OTP)is notification and this address mobile number.
  •        Clicking proceed will send two different OTP  on a mobile or email address on the next page enter OTP to receive in the mobile OTP filled and the Email OTP filled and click proceed.
  •        This will be complete register PART A application and generate your Temporary Reference Number (TRN).
  • Note: It will be TRN fill the PART B registration application.
  • To begin access the GST website:
  •        From the home page open the service main view
  •        Click the Registration category
  •        Select new Registration option
  •        Select the Temporary Reference number(TRN) click the option and enter the TRN number submitting registration PART A Registration application  enter the capture and click proceed this will be trigger OTP proceed.
  •        Enter the OTP number will be proceed.
  •        Notice the Status of application shows as Draft go ahead and click the Edit icon.
  •       PART B have a 10 section with in section containing multiple fills that need to be fill down.
  •       Make sure to fill out all mandatory fills otherwise you will not to be able complete PART B you get 15 days to fill and submit this application.
  •        In the Business application section providing  the basic of your business.
  •       Be careful when new select constitution of Business from the available options.
  •  Click the link to find out your Center Jurisdiction.

·       Fill out rest of the fills and add information about a GST Existing registration if any,

·       Click save and continue to save this information.

·       Notice the Business Details section colors now changed blue and also and take on it indicate section is filled.

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